Father-Son Summit

Ministerial Training

Being a man of order, Bishop Ralph L. Dennis is noted as a “faithful son”. In his youth, Dennis began serving under his late grandmother Pastor Viola Dennis. As a young preacher, he served faithfully under Bishop Millard Cox and internationally under the late Bishop Joseph T. Bowens. Prior to Bowens’ passing he blessed, then Elder Dennis, to leave his former organization and employ what he heard God say. Later, a bond was created between Dennis and Dr. Mark Hanby, Dennis’ spiritual father. Dennis provides covering and with Hanby’s spiritual guidance, he too, is covered. A turning of the hearts is needed in order for a spiritual covering, father son relationship, to exist. This type of relationship is nurtured and revitalized at the Father & Son Summit.

As a bi-annual event, the Summit is a time of refreshing and relaxation for Dennis’ spiritual sons and daughters and their spouses. He pours into their hearts what he hears from God that addresses what they need to be successful. At times, he invites guest speakers to express their areas of expertise so that attendees can be better equipped for the work of ministrySpecial guests have been used to address legal matters, financials services, business opportunities , spiritual growth, apostolic relationship, and etc.