Benefits of Covenant


Benefits of Covenant

Scripture is filled, from Genesis to Revelation, with the concept and application of Covenant.

Covenant is an interpersonal framework which requires trust, responsibilities, and benefits. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 provides us insight as to some basic human benefits of protection, strength, peace, and even profitability. Covenant is applicable to almost every human relationship from personal to business. In Scripture, covenant consistently reflects how man embraces his relationship to God.

Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries relies heavily upon the same motivating factor as God does – covenant relationship. We do for one another because of our love for God and each other. God makes us an impenetrable fellowship (a threefold cord, not easily broken).

Working together, we provide:

Ministerial Training

Ministerial Training

Foreign Missions Preparation Courses

Minister in Training

Deacons Training

Eldership Training

Licensing and Ordination

Episcopal Preparation and Consecration

Fivefold Ministry Identification and Affirmation

Leadership Training

Church Administration Training

Training for Trustees, Officers and Leaders (all areas of church ministry)

Youth Ministry Leadership Training and Continuing Education

Music Ministry Team Training and Development

Church Planting Strategic Planning

Additional Benefits

* Spiritual covering for Pastors, Ministry Leaders, and Business Owners that desire a father/son covenant with
   Bishop Ralph L. Dennis.

* Prayer and Intercession for/with Covenant keepers.

* Subscriptions to Apostolic Times Newsletter (quarterly)

* Mediation of church crises, only when appropriate*

* Annual Father/Son Summit for Covenant Keepers (with opportunities to exchange ministry ideas and best practices)

* Leadership development during the Annual LeaderShift Advance

* Kingdom Conference and Fellowship Convocation

* Access to a network of experts for continued training and development of your administrative and ministry staff.