College of Bishops

Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries College of Bishops is the governing body of KFCM that adjudicates those who aspire to the Episcopal offices of Overseer and Bishop. They provide sound counsel, checks and balances to the Episcopal process, and practical assistance to the candidate and his/her congregation in preparation for the consecration. They undergird Archbishop Ralph L. Dennis in his assignment to bring a standard of truth, excellence and accountability to the process.

As necessary, the College of Bishops will support covenant pastors by providing access to KFCM’s leadership, mediating church crises, and praying and interceding for leaders and churches.

The Presidium of KFCM is a council of five Bishops that operate as the
Executive Committee alongside of Archbishop Ralph L. Dennis.

Members of the College

Bishop Ralph L. Dennis, Presiding Prelate

Bishop Alan Gregory Porter, Vicar General

Bishop Jesse E.C. Abbott

Bishop Andre Alexander

Bishop Mary Alexander

Bishop John Alli

Bishop Joel Anderson

Bishop H. Eugene Bellinger

Bishop David Brock

Bishop Rosetta Bryson

Bishop Dwayne Bull

Bishop C. Anthony Butler

Bishop James Carter

Bishop Marc Crowley

Bishop Daniel Cunningham

Bishop Kevin Daniels

Bishop Gregory Dennis

Bishop Marvin Denson

Bishop Larry Frazier

Bishop Wynell Freeman

Bishop Samuel Gathuma (Kenya)

Bishop Norman Hardman

Bishop Alexander Hardy

Bishop Shirley Holloway

Bishop Reginald Kennedy

Bishop Aquinetta Lewis

Bishop James Lewis

Bishop Troy McDowell

Bishop Carl Montgomery

Bishop C. Anthony Muse

Bishop Alidi Mpateya (Republic of South Africa)

Bishop L. Spencer Smith

Bishop Carrie Surratt

Bishop Roberta Thomas

Bishop Timothy Tillman

Bishop Rodney Walker

Bishop Douglas Williams