Global Missions

Bishop Dennis in Africa

The Kingdom of God is greater than it’s constituency in the United State of America or Europe and other first world countries. The Lord will have people of every nation, kindred and tongue. Yet there remain many nations and people groups around the world who have heard the gospel message that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. There are even more who after hearing about Jesus, are not free to practice the confession of their faith.

k4kGlobal Missions is KFCM’s effort to take this message into the many nations of the world that need to hear of His redeeming grace. Currently, we go into Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya and South Africa. We help equip leaders, train servants, establish small businesses, build places of worship, support orphanages, supply schools with book and curricula, train the trainers and offer financial assistance. This is an area that yet offers us the greatest opportunity to help those who are less fortunate than many of us who worship in America. After we are converted, we are then called to strengthen others.